About working as a REAL ESTATE Professional?

Hi There! My name is Tom Ikonomou and I'm a Real Estate Agent in Vancouver, BC Canada.
My Real Estate education was brutal.
I have a bachelors degree in PAIN and a Masters degree in SUFFERING. 

Since 2008 I've tried and tested everything there is out there to succeed as a real estate agent listing and selling residential homes. I was fortunate to have prior experience with construction and dealing with legalities which helped me flatten the learning curve quickly.

3 Lessons I've Learned The Hard Way

"These lessons will make all the money worries go away in just 30 days"

  • Database: Build your list, never ever let them forget about you. (They will)
  • Schedule: Follow it like your life depends on it. Because it does!
  • Productivity: Spend time on income producing not income servicing activities.
  • Never Wait For the business. 
  • ​Never Pay for the business. 
  • ​Eliminate Non-payment Months.
  •  Know Exactly How Much you'll earn.
  • ​ Know Exactly What to do. (Daily)
  • ​ Know Exactly what to say and when.

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My First Day. I was told the following... there is the desk, there is the phone, Go Get Em! And this was from a seasoned agent! My Broker/Owner.

That was it. No other guidance was provided. Nothing! Nada! Zero! El Zippo!

Realtors are independent contractors and Brokerages require agents to stay in business. Let's say you had an employee, who paid you a monthly salary. Would you want that employee to leave? Heck No! 

Turn em and churn em.  The regulator former real estate council has the responsibility to issue licenses and mandate continued education. Again, they get paid in advance (every two years) and could not care less if you succeed or not. 

However, they do a great job of keeping you out of trouble but they do nothing to help you keep food on the table. For that... you're on your own.
Tom Ikonomou., e-PRO

Short Back Story Born in Montreal, grew up in Kelowna and spent a few years in the interior of B.C

After 20 years in the restaurant business I jumped into real estate with both feet selling my first home within 10 days of getting licensed. The industry standard is 6 months. That was 15 years ago.

My income increased year after year (in a declining market) while realtors were leaving the business.
We're in the same market now. 

I live in Vancouver with my wife and 4 wonderful adult children. 
(3 boys & 1 girl)
" The odds of a Real Estate agent succeeding are Dwindling Daily "
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To go it
With Coaching you get: A specific 90 day plan of action

Weekly 30 min calls These are intense calls directed at what you accomplished the past week, what you were supposed to do and what will you do next. 

Track Your Numbers  During our calls I'll ask you to provide me with important tasks that you must do. You'll be sending me these numbers prior to our call so we can go over anything that needs to be accounted for.

Audio Recordings of Listing Presentation This recording is an actual roleplay recording with one of California's top listing agents. Here you'll be able to get the sense of flow of the presentation from the moment you ring the door bell until you walk out with a signed listing agreement.

Audio Recordings of Role play sessions. Here you'll get access to actual prospecting recordings with FSBO, Expireds & Past Clients.

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