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Training Modules
  •     Initial Consultation 
  •     Numbers Tracking 
  •     30, 90 Day Planning
  •     Accountability Calls
  •     Scripts Training
  •     Mindset Training
  •     Listing Prequalify
  •     Listing Presentation
  •     Money Management
  •     Your Daily Schedule
  •     Prospecting Methods
95% of all Real Estate agents talk themselves out of earning a lot of money listing and selling real estate. 

"We're here to talk you in-to-it"

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We understand, 

This may not be your first rodeo...

You've worked with Buyers and Sellers...

You've sold every type of property!

But, let me ask you...

If you weren't satisfied with last years production...

What Will You Do Differently This Year?

Here's a thought...

Your Time, You're The Boss

The main reason most agents quit the real estate business within their first year is "they think their broker or colleagues will be there to show them the ropes" and most importantly... hold them when they slip off and help them climb. 
STEP  #1

Schedule a Coaching
call. Yes it costs, but...

The Real Cost is the Cost of Staying Where You Are!

 Schedule an Initial Coaching Call
This is an actual 30-45 minute coaching call (not a sales pitch on getting you to sign up for coaching). Why $97... because those who attention. We want you to start on the right path today!

Invest in Your Success as a Real Estate Agent

Most coaches have never sold a home.
Tom is an active real estate agent with the pulse on the everyday challenges 
realtors face in this challenging market. Below are some kind words.

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