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Unfortunately this amount of deals will only keep you in the bottom 92%
It may look good on paper, but after all expenses, you may find it low.

We can go on and on describing the heartache most agents end up going through before throwing in the towel
within the 1st year. But we won't.

Right now is not the time.

The goal is to make sure you never get into that
position in the first place.

It's 10 times harder to get out of a slump than it is to get in. 
So... we've started this training with 3 simple lessons.

3 Lessons You'll Learn The Easy Way

"So you can make all the money worries go away"

  • Database: Build your list, never ever let them forget about you. (Because they will)
  • Schedule: Follow it like Your life depends on it.
    (Because it does!)
  • Productivity: Spend more time on income producing activities as supposed to income servicing activities.

With our 1 on 1 coaching, You'll enjoy life as an Agent by:

  • Never Waiting For the business. 
  • ​Never Paying for the business. 
  • ​Eliminate Non-payment Months.
  •  Know Exactly How Much you'll earn.
  • ​ Know Exactly What to do. (Daily)
  • ​ Know Exactly what to say and when.

Schedule Your 30 min Session Call Today!

"This is not a sales call but an actual clarity coaching session"

" The odds of a Real Estate agent succeeding are Dwindling Daily "
The System is the Solution...
Exclusive Members get access to dozens of actual blue prints detailed by North Americas top agents on how get to 50-75-100+ transactions per year.

It's not a matter of if... It's
WHEN? That's up to YOU!

Free Resources

You Don't Need
To go it
With 1 on 1 Coaching you get: 
A specific 90 day plan of action.

Weekly 30 min calls These are intense calls directed at what you accomplished the past week, what you were supposed to do and what will you do next. 

Track Your Numbers  During our calls I'll ask you to provide me with important tasks that you must do. You'll be sending me these numbers prior to our call so we can go over anything that needs to be accounted for.

Audio Recordings of Listing Presentation This recording is an actual roleplay recording with one of California's top listing agents. Here you'll be able to get the sense of flow of the presentation from the moment you ring the door bell until you walk out with a signed listing agreement.

Audio Recordings of Role play sessions. Here you'll get access to actual prospecting recordings with FSBO, Expireds & Past Clients.



Just like you, I'm a passionate entrepreneur and for the past 15 years I've been representing home buyers and sellers. My Real Estate education is vast! I have a Bachelors degree in PAIN and a Masters degree in SUFFERING

After struggling with open houses, spamming people, paying for ads and still attracting the wrong leads, I've decided to focus on flattening the learning curve for real estate professionals.

I’ve now closed over 300 transactions in my services and I have high-level clients coming to me for advice paying $12,000 for 1-on-1 coaching.

I want to help as many people as I can discover the best way to sell homes in 2023 without the need of spending all your money on ads.

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